Gifts for New Moms Who Already Have It All!

Maternity leave feels like a second job, with all the checking, double checking and triple checking that needs to be done before you go back to work. There are so many things to remember: childcare arrangements, contracts for clients (if you’re self-employed), figuring out who’s picking up the kids from school on Wednesday and Thursday. it’s exhausting! As a result, new mothers might feel like they don’t need any more presents – particularly when they probably don’t have time to open them.

A Good Digital Scrapbooking Kit

New mums have plenty of time to reflect on their child’s first year of life, but they’re often not in a position to put that reflection into practice. With a digital scrapbooking kit, you offer the gift of time travel. You give her a chance to remember her child’s first steps, first words, first everything as it happens. You also add to her skillset. Digital scrapbooking is a new and exciting skill that can be applied to her child’s future school assignments or art projects.

A Colour-coded Calendar

New mums need to stay on top of their lives even more than they did when they were working. And unfortunately, most people don’t have an assistant to help them organize their schedule. A colour-coded calendar can help you stay on top of your schedule. Mark down when you need to get your child to the doctor, when you need to pick up your partner’s dry cleaning, and when the family is having dinner.

If you’re giving the gift to someone who has a child with special needs, colour-coding can also help keep track of the child’s medications and appointments.

An Organizer for the Childcare Provider

If your friend has hired a nanny or a sitter to watch her child, she will likely have a lot of forms and documents for the sitter to fill out. Giving her an organizer can help keep those documents organized and easily accessible.

If your friend doesn’t have a sitter, an organizer for the childcare provider can help her keep track of all the forms she’ll need to fill out for her child’s daycare, school, social security number, health insurance, and more.

Stylish or Casual Diaper Bag

Diaper bags are the perfect gift for new parents. They are stylish, efficient, and versatile, and can be used from birth to the second year. The diaper bag includes a changing pad, zip pouches, a strap that can be altered, and a cup holder. Parents will love this bag for its functionality and stylish design. Have a look at these bag types, you can find perfect one according to their needs.

An Automatic Pet Feeder

If your friend has a child and a pet, she will have to go through a lot of extra effort to make sure both she and the child are feeding the pet at the right times. The automatic pet feeder will do this for her.

This gift is particularly useful if her child is too young to feed the pet or she doesn’t have time to do it herself. You can also explore some great gift ideas on kath’s blog.

Wrapping Up: The Final Word

New mums often get the impression that they’ve reached the finish line of their pregnancy and the next baby is just lying in wait to be born. Pregnancy is a marathon, not a sprint, and it may be a long time before your friend gets to go through it again. While she’ll be glad to have the help, you don’t want to pass off your own baby duties to her – but it’s a good opportunity to be a friend and help her out.

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